A subscription-based video platform targeting expectant mothers before childbirth.


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The uniqueness of the website is that both the associated applications and the website are served by a single codebase. You can read more about the project in the description below.


The applications and website are served by one single codebase

During the development of the “” website, our team faced a myriad of challenges and exhilarating experiences. The platform’s foundation is built on WordPress, a robust and adaptable platform. However, every unique feature and functionality we aimed to incorporate presented its own set of challenges.


  • Content Presentation: the website serves as a comprehensive guide for expectant mothers, offering a series of videos from medical professionals at Semmelweis University. Ensuring that these videos were presented in an organized, user-friendly manner was crucial.
  • Integration of Expert Profiles: the site boasts contributions from numerous medical experts, each with their own profile. Integrating these profiles in a way that was both informative and easy to navigate posed a challenge.
  • Mobile Optimization: as with any modern website, ensuring that “” was fully responsive and provided an optimal user experience across all devices was paramount. This was especially important given the site’s rich multimedia content.

Exciting Moments:

  • User Feedback: witnessing the positive feedback and testimonials from users was truly rewarding. It was a testament to the site’s value and the impact it had on expectant mothers seeking reliable information.
  • Content Expansion: the continuous addition of new videos and expert insights kept the project dynamic. It was exciting to see the content library grow, offering even more valuable information to users.
  • Community Engagement: the site not only offers informational content but also fosters a community. Engaging with users through social media platforms and live Q&A sessions added an interactive dimension to the project.

In conclusion, the development of “” was an enriching journey for our team. Each challenge we faced only served to deepen our expertise and understanding, resulting in a platform that truly benefits its users.