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During the development of the 'adalekmentesen.hu' website, we faced numerous challenges and exciting moments, which you can read more about in the description below.


WooCommerce Integration Vectoty Integration Mobile-friendly Design

During the development of the “adalekmentesen.hu” website, we encountered numerous challenges and exciting moments. The site is based on WordPress, a reliable and versatile platform, but integrating each unique requirement and functionality posed its own set of challenges.

Such challenges included:

  • WooCommerce Integration: Although WooCommerce is an excellent e-commerce plugin, tailoring it to the specific needs of the site required significant effort. In particular, integrating the product display, categories, and the review system was challenging.
  • Vectory Integration: Linking the site with Vectory to ensure product inventory and sales are synchronized was especially intricate. We went through numerous testing and debugging cycles to ensure seamless communication between the two systems.
  • Mobile-friendly Design: The website needed to function perfectly across all devices. Crafting a responsive design, especially during product listings and the purchasing process, demanded close attention.

Throughout the project, we also experienced several exciting moments. Some highlights include:

  • Refining User Experience: It was thrilling to see the site evolve and become more user-friendly. Based on feedback, we adjusted the design and navigation to make it even more intuitive for visitors.
  • Cookies and GDPR: Integrating “Cookiebot by Usercentrics” was intriguing as we had to ensure the site complied with data protection regulations while also optimizing user experience.
  • Optimization: Enhancing the website’s speed and performance is always exhilarating. Through optimizing images, code, and the database, we managed to significantly improve the site’s loading time. The site also frequently hosts flash sales, during which thousands visit the site simultaneously. Despite this, users experience no slowdowns or issues related to site overload.

In conclusion, developing “adalekmentesen.hu” was an incredibly educational and rewarding project for us, where each challenge further honed our professional knowledge and experience.